Why Us

Our Values
Our business concept, vision, strategies and objectives describe the Oranisation’s overall mission, which is to create value for its customers and employees. Our employees use the corporate culture and values developed over the years as guidelines in their everyday work. These shared values help us to build and protect a sustainable and successful business.

Customer Focus
“All our decisions are taken to keep customers in mind, since our success depends on their satisfaction. Before undertaking an action, we ask ourselves how this will add value to the customer and, ultimately, to organisation. By customers we mean both internal and external customers.”

“We are performance-driven company. Through a target-oriented organization, our performance is measured in all areas and at all levels, and is based on our deep understanding and knowledge of our business. The focus on performance is reflected in our management-by-objectives policy and in the compensation paid to employees.”

“We believe that our personnel want and have the courage to assume responsibility. We all share responsibility for the company as a whole and for its results. We are not merely responsible for our individual roles, departments or functions. The aim is to have the right people in the right place at the right time.” We trust their motivation and ability to take on responsibility and encourage the process of learning from mistakes.