To continuously modernize, expand and technologically upgrade our products with a view to produce excellent and high quality goods in matching with the changing needs of the customers, improve foreign exchange earning for the country by promoting exports, face global competition and further improve our global presence, fame and glory. To improve customer satisfaction, become cost effective, to promote employees participation and to implement innovative methods for enrichment of quality of life of all concerned.

Concrete Vision Elements

1) Modernisation, expansion and technological upgradation to achieve International Standards of excellence.

2) Marketing focus on the changing customer needs and change of product suited to customer requirements.

3) Promotion of exports and earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.

4) Regular upgradation to face global challenges and competition from developing countries.

5) Continuous Organizational restructuring to ensure customer satisfaction.

6) Cost effectiveness in all areas of operations and effective management to meet global competition.

7) Participation of employees and their motivation for achieving our visionary goals.